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Two Short Stories
two short stories
Jayber Crow - Two Short Stories

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Freeze and Thaw
1. Saint Anthony
2. O City!
3. Waiting for Ruth to Come Home
4. Freeze and Thaw
5. O My God When I Drop Dead
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What Is This Wilderness?
6. Devil and the Desert
7. The Limited Voice of
    the American Crow
8. Panic of 1837
9. Song of the Jack Pine
10. Love Song for a Prairie Fire
11. Drinking Song of a
      Germinating Seed

The Farmer and the Nomad EP
Jayber Crow - The Farmer and the Nomad - EP

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1. Words of Our Waking
2. The News about Michael,
    Married in Mexico
3. Utah
4. Eugene, Oregon (Manifest Destiny)
5. Of Indiana (the shallow roots of corn,
    the perennial blossoming of peonies)
6. The Farmer and the Nomad
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Date City, State Venue
August 14, 2011North Manchester, INThe Firehouse
August 13, 2011Indianapolis, INLazy Daze Coffee House
August 12, 2011Burlington, KYBoone County Public Library
August 11, 2011Chicago, ILGoose Island Wrigleyville
August 10, 2011Madison, WIHouse Show
August 9, 2011Minneapolis, MNHoney
September 15, 2009Grinnell, IABob's Underground Cafe at Grinnell College
September 14, 2009Decorah, IAMarty's at Luther College
September 13, 2009Northfield, MNHogan Brothers
September 12, 2009Minneapolis, MNJava Jack's
September 11, 2009Eau Claire, WIThe Cabin at UW-Eau Claire
September 10, 2009Chicago, ILUncommon Ground on Devon
September 9, 2009North Manchester, INThe Firehouse
September 8, 2009Grand Rapids, MIThe Cave at Calvin College
September 7, 2009Goshen, INGoshen College (outdoor show)
July 17, 2009Los Angeles, CAThe Hotel Cafe
July 16, 2009San Jose, CACaffe Trieste
July 15, 2009Oakland, CANomad Cafe
July 14, 2009Bend, ORSilver Moon Brewing
July 13, 2009Portland, ORMuddy Waters Coffee House
July 12, 2009Portland, ORMississippi Pizza
July 11, 2009Spokane, WAEmpyrean Coffee House
July 10, 2009Olympia, WAThe 4th Ave Ale House
July 9, 2009Seattle, WACafe Racer
October 18, 2008Collegeville, MNSt. John's University - Brother Willie's Pub
October 17, 2008Minneapolis, MNThe Beat Coffee House
October 3, 2008North Manchester, INKenapocoMocha Coffee
April 19, 2008Minneapolis, MNNomad World Pub
April 18, 2008Northfield, MNHogan Brothers
April 17, 2008Winona, MNSt. Mary's University - Gameroom
April 16, 2008Goshen, INGoshen College - Java Junction
April 15, 2008North Manchester, INMHS Performing Arts Center
April 14, 2008Peoria, ILArcadia House
April 13, 2008Grinnell, IABob's Underground Cafe
April 12, 2008Decorah, IALuther College - Marty's
April 12, 2008Decorah, IAStory People Apartment
April 11, 2008Annandale, MNAnnandale High School Auditorium
April 10, 2008Fargo, NDRed Raven Espresso Parlor
July 27, 2007Annandale, MNConcert in the Park Series
July 4, 2007North Manchester, INThe Firehouse
June 11, 2007Minneapolis, MNFirst Avenue 7th Street Entry
May 19, 2007Minneapolis, MNColfax House Haiti Benefit
May 4, 2007Minneapolis, MNMinnesota State Capitol
April 28, 2007Decorah, IALuther College - Library Lawn
April 26, 2007Minneapolis, MNJava Jack's
April 24, 2007Northfield, MNSt. Olaf - Lion's Pause
April 19, 2007Saint Peter, MNGustavus Adolphus College -Outdoor
March 24, 2007Winona, MNSt. Mary's University - Gameroom
March 23, 2007Minneapolis, MNThe Varsity Theater
March 16, 2007Northfield, MNThe Contented Cow
March 14, 2007Minneapolis, MNKitty Cat Klub
March 2, 2007Minneapolis, MNNomad World Pub
February 16, 2007Minneapolis, MNBordertown Coffee
January 6, 2007Saint Peter, MNGustavus Adolphus College - The Dive
December 1, 2006Minneapolis, MNBordertown Coffee
November 27, 2006Minneapolis, MNAcadia Cafe
November 12, 2006Northfield, MNSt. Olaf - Hilleboe Lounge
November 11, 2006Decorah, IAMagpie Coffeehouse
November 10, 2006Indianapolis, INThe Abbey Coffeehouse
November 9, 2006Peoria, ILBradley University - House Party
November 8, 2006Madison, WIIndie Coffee
November 7, 2006Grinnell, IABob's Underground Cafe
November 6, 2006Cedar Falls, IAAshley's House
November 5, 2006Minneapolis, MNPete's House
November 4, 2006Minneapolis, MNNomad World Pub
November 3, 2006Duluth, MNBeaner's Central
November 2, 2006Collegeville, MNSt. John's University - Brother Willie's Pub
October 5, 2006Winona, MNSt. Mary's University - Gameroom
July 7, 2006Minneapolis, MNAcadia Cafe
May 26, 2006Worthington, MNVan Holtum's Farm
May 20, 2006Minneapolis, MNColfax House Haiti Benefit
May 5, 2006Minneapolis, MN400 Bar
April 8, 2006Northfield, MNHogan Brothers
April 7, 2006Decorah, IALuther College - Brunsdale Lounge
April 6, 2006Iowa City, IAYacht Club
April 5, 2006Des Moines, IAJava Joe's
April 4, 2006Des Moines, IATracy's Apartment
April 3, 2006Grinnell, IAGrinnell College - Younker Hall
April 2, 2006Waverly, IAWartburg College - Founders Hall
April 1, 2006Cedar Falls, IAKim's Apartment
March 31, 2006Winona, MNSMU - St. Joe's Hall
March 19, 2006Minneapolis, MNAcadia Cafe
March 4, 2006Saint Peter, MNPatrick's
March 3, 2006Minneapolis, MNKitty Cat Klub
March 1, 2006Minneapolis, MNClub Underground
January 29, 2006Minneapolis, MNAcadia Cafe
January 28, 2006Minneapolis, MNNomad World Pub
January 25, 2006Northfield, MNSt. Olaf - Kildahl Hall
December 3, 2005Northfield, MNThe Contented Cow
September 23, 2005Decorah, IAMeadow Farm
August 19, 2005Dennison, MNMary's Birthday
July 15, 2005North Manchester, INThe Firehouse
July 13, 2005North Manchester, INHawkins Family Farm
July 2, 2005Northfield, MNTavern Lounge
May 8, 2005Minneapolis, MNE.P. Atelier - Open Mic
April 30, 2005Decorah, IALuther College - Marty's
March 22, 2005Minneapolis, MN400 Bar