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Two Short Stories
two short stories
Jayber Crow - Two Short Stories

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Freeze and Thaw
1. Saint Anthony
2. O City!
3. Waiting for Ruth to Come Home
4. Freeze and Thaw
5. O My God When I Drop Dead
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What Is This Wilderness?
6. Devil and the Desert
7. The Limited Voice of
    the American Crow
8. Panic of 1837
9. Song of the Jack Pine
10. Love Song for a Prairie Fire
11. Drinking Song of a
      Germinating Seed

The Farmer and the Nomad EP
Jayber Crow - The Farmer and the Nomad - EP

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1. Words of Our Waking
2. The News about Michael,
    Married in Mexico
3. Utah
4. Eugene, Oregon (Manifest Destiny)
5. Of Indiana (the shallow roots of corn,
    the perennial blossoming of peonies)
6. The Farmer and the Nomad
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For press related inquiries email Zach: zach@jaybercrow.com

“Jayber Crow is what your ears drink because they can’t drink hot tea: warm and inviting, and possibly good for you.”

— NUVO: Indy’s Alternative Voice, November 2006


“Jayber Crow is, completely objectively, currently the best folk band in Minnesota, and I just love to sing their praises.”

— Manitou Messenger (St. Olaf College), May 2007


“These guys are awesome. Plain and simple.”

staergetaleht.blogspot.com, April 2008


PRAISE FOR The Farmer and the Nomad EP

"[The Farmer and the Nomad gives] the sense that these two just sat down on any given back porch (overlooking an Iowa cornfield, presumably) with their instruments and equipment and hit "record." The results are breathtaking..."

— Duluth Budgeteer, October 2006


“Easily one of the best releases of the year…”

— Sliver Magazine, November 2006


“Nothing in music gives me a clearer picture of the Midwest than their debut E.P., The Farmer and the Nomad.”

minneapolisfuckingrocks.blogspot.com, November 2007


PRAISE FOR Two Short Stories

“It's an excellent album. That isn't something I say often without qualifying it somehow, but there it is. I have nothing bad to say about this album, and every second that you spend not owning a copy is a second you're wasting.”

minneapolisfuckingrocks.blogspot.com, April 2008


"["O My God When I Drop Dead"] is a spring weekend song, plain and simple. It's coffee, sunshine, and the sound of everything thawing."

music.for-robots.com, April 2008


“I offer "Drinking Song of a Germinating Seed" as not only my song of the day but the anthem of my summer…[a]nd if you have not yet purchased multiple copies of Jayber Crow's first full-length album, Two Short Stories, kick yourself in the ass for all the joy that has been missing in your life and go buy it.”

asongfortheday.blogspot.com, August 2008


“Pete and Zach are known for their intimate shows which push to give you a personal invitation to each song. But if you've heard their new album, you'll know this isn't very difficult. Two Short Stories shows a lot of new potential for their simple arrangements and story telling lyrics. They're definitely a pleasure to listen to especially when they're singing together.”

www.bbqchickenrobot.com, February 2009


“I purchased the Two Short Stories by the midwest folk outfit Jayber Crow earlier in 2008 and I listened to it over and over again among the hills of New Hampshire. Luckily, thanks to their excellent music video for Freeze and Thaw, I have started listening to Two Short Stories again recently and it has been a welcome relief. The music video is well done and very crafty (I cannot fathom how much paper cutting was accomplished) and the song Freeze and Thaw is a hopeful, uplifting slice of woodsy folk. Just what I need. O God When I Drop Dead is another frenetic folk jam from Jayber Crow that just romps all over you for a solid 2 minutes (handclaps too!).”

www.thestureidexperiment.com, February 2009

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Two Short Stories


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The Farmer and the Nomad EP